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4th of July!



So, for 4th of July, my boyfriend and I decided to grill a couple of filets and veggie skewers. We make the filets often, but they’re quick, easy, and low in calories, so after a long (and not so healthy) weekend, we decided to just go with that again last night. We also made our delicious mojitos (recipe here:


As previously mentioned, all you need to do is grill them 3 minutes on each side on direct heat, then 3 minutes each side on indirect heat.


Cut up any veggies you like and put them on skewers. If you do potatoes, I suggest boiling them for 10 minutes so they’re soft enough to go through the skewers easily. Grill them along with the meat.

P.S. Today’s fancy looking photos were taken by my boyfriend :) 

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